Thursday, November 5, 2015

End of Season

Congrats all on another great XC season, and particular thanks to coach Morgan Lake Adams.  Now that the season is over, everyone is reminded to return their CLEAN team uniforms to the school.  Also, a reminder to all that we have an end of season gathering on Monday, November 16 in the Community Hall at 7:00.  This event is for runners and their families and will include dessert but not dinner.  See you there!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

States (10.31.15)

The State Meet at Twin Brook was held this past Saturday, and it was another perfect day for a race (this time with sunshine!)  The girls and boys teams capped off a successful season with several PRs, a few medals and one New England qualifier.  Thanks to all the friends and relations who made the drive to Cumberland, and particularly to teammates Phoebe, Emma, Wilson, Quinn, Dylan and Ruben for their enthusiastic support.  We also extend our gratitude to the tent set up crew, all the photographers, bakers of snacks and cheerleaders.  Everyone has helped make this season a great one!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

MCWS XC in the news...

Both the Bangor Daily News and the Portland Press Herald mentioned a certain Maine Coast runner's performance in their state meet recaps.


 Congrats to the Maine Coast XC girls and boys for a wonderful season!

Highlights from the state meet include:

  • Girls=4th team
  • Boys=8th team
  • Two new PRs and five new course PRs
  • Tucker and Fiona A were recognized for their top 10 finishes
  • Louise and Olivia were recognized for their top 30 finishes
  • Tucker qualified for the New England Championships in Vermont (top 25 individual performance regardless of class)

Full meet recap coming soon...

Friday, October 30, 2015

MCWS XC in the news

Maine Coast Girls XC got a shout out in the Portland Press Herald's state meet preview.  Check it out here.

We were also mentioned in the Bangor Daily News take.

Saturday Race Info

Here's everything you need to know re: the States race this Saturday, October 31 at Twin Brook in Cumberland ...

Race Times:
  • Girls - 2:00
  • Boys - 2:45

Arrival time:
  • If you have volunteered to help with the tent set-up, please arrive by 12:00 at Twin Brook.  We'll meet by the big red barn.  
  • All competing runners should arrive by 12:30 and look for the orange dome tent.
  • * Be sure to factor parking/walking time into your arrival time - you may have to park far away from the red building and will need to walk.
What to bring:
  • Your uniform
  • Spikes and trainers
  • Warmer layers for under your uniform - *See Note Below*
  • Accessory warm things for racing (arm warmers, gloves) - optional
  • Warm things for pre and post race - extra layers, down jacket, sweatpants, hat, mittens, etc.
  • Optional - chair and/or sleeping bag
  • Water
  • Post race snacks

IF you plan on racing in layers ...
     Top - Should be navy blue team shirt
     Bottom - Black full length tights

Spandex shorts worn under the uniform can be any color.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Inspiring Article from Deadspin

Innocent Is Independent: The Story of a Cross Country Runner

Innocent Is Independent: The Story of A Cross Country Runner
In only his second season of cross country, 18-year-old Innocent Murwanashyaka (above, middle, with some of his teammates) is so far this year undefeated. He won the St. Paul City Conference meet, covering the 5K course in 15:56, and is ranked fourth in Minnesota going into the state championship. I knew he’d only recently landed in this country from the Democratic Republic of Congo, by way of Rwanda. I knew he’d suffered a horrible accident in Rwanda that did not involve a machete. All these factors are interesting.
But what really caught my eye in the Star Tribune’s story of four urban runners was the mention of of Innocent’s part-time job at Menard’s home improvement store.
“Why? I’m independent, that’s why,” he said of his employment, a little surprised to be explaining something so obvious to an adult. “In Rwanda, I had to learn how to be independent. Since I was 14, I took care of myself and pay my expenses.”
While most high schoolers find school, homework, sports and hanging out with friends plenty on their plate, Innocent is doing all that, and pulling his weight in their family of five. I met with him after cross country practice outside Como High School in St. Paul.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fiona's Interview

Here's a link to Fiona A's now famous (infamous?) interview with Maine Milesplit, post- Regionals.

Regionals (10.25.15)

The (newly renamed) Southern Maine Class C Regionals were held Saturday afternoon at Twin Brook in Cumberland.  The course was surprisingly dry and fast (especially considering that we were the last races of the day).  Between the wind and the overcast sky, it was a cool day for racing, but frigid for spectating.  Luckily, Big Orange kept all the runners warm up until it was time to head for the line.  Thanks to the early set up crew who put up the tent, as well as all the friends, relations and other supporters who provided snacks, held warm clothes, took pictures and cheered on our athletes.  Captains Dylan and Sylvie did an excellent job keeping everyone organized and on track.  Thanks to Ruben, Barbara and the rest of the crew for taking splits, as well as Phoebe, Emma, Quinn and Wilson for moral support (and help with counting!)

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Congratulations to the girls and boys Maine Coast XC teams on their performance today at Regionals!  Highlights include:
  • Girls=runner-up
  • Boys=fifth
  • Both teams qualified for the state meet next weekend
  • Louise and Sophia were recognized for their top 30 performances.
  • Fiona A, Olivia and Tucker were recognized for their top 10 performances.
  • For the first time (ever) at Twin Brook, the entire girls team finished under 25 minutes.  
  • Four new PRs and five course PRs!
Please check back tomorrow for a full meet re-cap.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

End of season gathering

Continue to look at the posts below this one for info about Saturday.

This post, however, is to let you know that we will be having an end-of-season gathering on Monday, November 16, in the Community Hall at Desert Rd at 7:00 PM.  As in previous years, we will have dessert, lemonade/tea, say some thank yous and probably have a slideshow.  Put this date on your calendars and look for more info in the weeks to come.

More Saturday Info

First, please remember to look at the couple posts below this one for additional information.

Arrival time:
A few kids have been asked and agreed to arrive by 12:30 for setup - you should know who you are.  Everyone else needs to arrive by 1:00.
* Be sure to factor parking/walking time into your arrival time - you may have to park far away from the red building (our meeting spot) and will need to walk.

What to bring:

  • Your uniform
  • Warmer layers for under your uniform (underarmor type long sleeve shirt, long pant, arm warmers, gloves, etc.)
  • Warm things for pre and post race - extra layers, down jacket, sweatpants, hat, mittens, etc.
  • Optional - chair and/or sleeping bag
  • Water
  • Post race snacks
Good luck everyone!

Regionals: Arrival Time

Just a reminder:

  • If you have volunteered to help with the tent set-up, please arrive by 12:30 at Twin Brook on Saturday.  We'll meet by the big red barn.  
  • All competing runners: please arrive by 1PM at Twin Brook on Saturday and look for the giant orange dome.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

PSA: What to Wear (to Regionals)

Forecast for Saturday's race (thus far) is for cold temperatures (40s and 50s).

In weather like that, it's best to bring lots of layers for both top and bottom, in addition to hats, mittens and extra socks.  Spandex layers for racing (long sleeve shirts and capris/tights) are also recommended- at the very least, you'll have the choice whether to wear them or not.  Jackets are also a good idea and you can never go wrong with the down sleeping bag and camp chair combination.

Twin Brook Course Map

It's that time of the year again... here's the course map for Twin Brook, the site of both the Regional and State meets this year.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

WMCs 10.16.15


A blustery day that quickly became overcast (or was that just the setting sun?) greeted the Maine Coast cross country team at the Western Maine Conference championships.  The wind blowing ashore from Sebago Lake added an extra challenge to the rolling course at St. Joseph's College.  Nevertheless, our runners managed an impressive ten new course PRs- the biggest by over five minutes.  Thanks to Susan and Dan for transportation and attempted tent set up, all the friends and relations who came to cheer on the runners and especially to Ruben and Dylan for taking splits.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

No practice Thursday 10/15

There is no practice after school on Thursday, October 15.  For most runners, this is truly a day off.  However some runners (and they know who they are), will be running at home on their own.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cape Elizabeth (10.9.15)

A wet and cold race yesterday at the Gull Crest fields in Cape Elizabeth.  Our last regular-season meet was marked by intermittent showers and grey skies.  Cape's flat course, featuring field and woods loops, was very spectator-friendly, with a clearly-viewed last half mile snaking around to the finish.  Despite their lack of sleep (and several head colds) after a week of camping out and travel, the Maine Coast runners managed to turn in several great performances, marked by course PRs and improved pacing.  Thank you to all the friends and relations who braved the soggy conditions to offer support.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cape Elizabeth Race Info

We will be departing school by 2:05 on Friday afternoon for the Cape Elizabeth race and will have two vans going to the race.

Since this race is farther away than usual, we can provide transportation to the race for the driving runners if necessary, but all driving runners must tell Susan their transportation plans first thing on Friday morning so we can plan accordingly.  There may be only one van staying at the race, so anyone requesting a ride from the race back to Desert Rd needs to tell Susan first thing in the morning.  We are expecting many runners to get rides home with their parents.

Race location is the Gull Crest fields on Spurwink Ave in Cape Elizabeth.  You can find this on google maps by looking up Spurwink Ave & Dennison Dr in Cape Elizabeth.  It is located just south of the entrance to the Recycling Center.

Cape Elizabeth Start

Please note that the start times for Cape Elizabeth will be 4:30 (girls) and 5:00 (boys).

Thanks and hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Belfast Invitational (10.3.15)

 Yesterday marked the halfway point for our competitive season, with the cross country team bundling into the two vans early in the morning for the ride up to Belfast.  We lucked out with a glorious fall day, sunny and a bit breezy.  Belfast's flat, fast course was relatively dry (with the notable exception of the cut-through between the first and second miles) and was, as usual, good to our runners with 11 new PRs and five course PRs.  Not being at full strength due to a few injuries and SAT dates hurt the team scores somewhat, with the girls finished 34th out of 54 teams, while the boys finished 45 out of 64.  However, this provided ample opportunity for new runners to step up and occupy some of the scoring positions for the first time this season.